Department honors 2020 CSE Awards winners

May 28, 2020      By Victoria Grdina

The 2019 CSE Awards winners.
The 2019 CSE Awards winners.

Outstanding faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering were honored with CSE Awards for the 2019-20 academic year in a virtual ceremony on May 26.

The following winners were nominated by fellow CSE faculty, staff, and students and determined by the CSE Awards committee:

Outstanding Learning Assistant
Stephen Yaghmour

Outstanding Undergraduate (SE) Senior Award
Denis Komissarov

Department Recognition
Witawas Srisa-an

Outstanding Undergraduate (CS) Senior Award
Dana Hoppe

Outstanding Undergraduate (CE) Senior Award
Logan Uhlir

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Teaching Award
Ayush Mishra

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Research Award
Liam Kruse

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Service Award
Hallie Hohbein

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award
Shideh Yavary Mehr

Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award
Clay Stevens

Outstanding Master's Thesis Award
Jianghao Wang

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award
John-Paul Ore

Student Choice Outstanding Teaching Awards
· Student Choice Outstanding Teaching Award (100-200):
Christopher Bourke

· Student Choice Outstanding Teaching Award (300-400):
Brady Garvin

· Student Choice Outstanding Teaching Award (800-900):
Hamid Bagheri

Outstanding Administrative Staff Award
Ann Koopmann

Outstanding Technical Staff Award
Shea Svoboda

Congratulations to all our winners!