Accessing your email through a web browser

The School of Computing (SoC) accounts have an email address associated with your SoC account which is hosted by the server. All new student accounts are configured to automatically forward incoming email messages to their email account, and faculty/staff will have email forwarded to their email account.

We also do not recommend publishing or using your SoC email address, as these will no longer forward to or once your SoC account expires.

Webmail for Huskers Users (Students and Alumni)

All university students can set up an email account, which is hosted by Microsoft's ExchangeLabs. Unlike SoC email addresses, students can keep their account after graduation, so this can become a permanent email address. Students also get to choose the email address when setting up a account. To log in to the webmail interface, visit

University alumni are also eligible for a lifelong email account, see the University of Nebraska (UNL) Alumni association email for life for additional details.

Webmail for Office365 Users (Faculty and Staff)

The university's primary email service for faculty and staff is hosted by Microsoft's Office365. The Outlook Web App (OWA) is available at

Webmail for CSE-Mail Users (Legacy users)

SoC hosted web email services are provided by the CSE-Mail server. CSE-Mail is the email server for most SoC users who have an email address that ends in

Either interface can be used interchangeably.

Webmail for CSE-Cyrus Users (Legacy users)

Some SoC faculty and staff have been migrated from the cse-mail server host to a separate, closed IMAP server called cse-cyrus.  This server handles simultaneous connections from multiple email clients better than cse-mail does, but there is no shell (or any other non-IMAP) access to this server.

Web email account access for users with mail on cse-cyrus is available through the Roundcube interface at

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