Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research

At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, undergraduate research is actively promoted and students have various opportunities to be involved in ongoing research. In the School of Computing, all major research groups work with undergraduates. Upperclass students with a strong GPA and a strong work ethic should meet with faculty in interested areas.

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When it comes to research and innovation, we consistently achieve a level of excellence unparalleled by most. Our groundbreaking, globally renowned research has continually led to industry-evolving innovations. Interdisciplinary research is integral to our culture.

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UCARE (Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences), is funded by the Pepsi Endowment and the Program of Excellence. UCARE pairs undergraduate students with faculty, providing a unique educational experience by allowing students to be involved in ongoing research or other creative activities. Students who qualify will receive an annual award of up to $2400 ($1200/semester).

Undergraduates who have completed 30 credit hours (by the end of the applying semester) can apply for UCARE. Applicants will also need to have identified a faculty member to work with and a research project to work on. Interested students should either meet with their adviser, who may be able to identify current research opportunities, or approach faculty directly.

The application deadline for participating in UCARE is generally a full semester or more before the actual start of the funding period. UCARE also hosts various workshops on topics from applying for UCARE to successfully completing your research.

Learn more about UCARE programs, stipends, seminars, and opportunities on the UCARE website.

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