Alumni Stories
Alumni Stories

The School of Computing alumni have accomplished astounding achievements since exiting our halls. Here are a few of their remarkable stories.

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Dr. Kathryn Stolee, Assistant Professor, NC State

Katie Stolee is what she calls a “computing late-bloomer” and originally enrolled at Nebraska as a business major. After taking a computer science course as an elective, she became interested in computing, and eventually went on to earn three degrees—B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.

During her time at the university, Stolee focused on software engineering and conducted research in the ESQuaReD Lab. She is now an assistant professor at North Carolina State University and NSF CAREER Award recipient.

Photo of Cory Luening

Cory Luening, HPC Systems Admin Argonne National Laboratory

I am Cory Lueninghoener, an HPC Systems Administrator at Argonne National Laboratory. I received my master’s degree in computer science from Nebraska. I am a member of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division’s High Performance Computing system administration team. Currently I am on a team that is planning and designing the installation of a large IBM BlueGene/P machine. Specifically, I am doing operating system, software, and configuration management planning and design. During my senior year I was invited to stay at Nebraska in the computer science master's program and saw that as the prefect opportunity to work in areas that I enjoyed.

Photo of Xuka Zou

Dr. Xuka Zou, Assistant Professor Purdue University

I am Dr. Xukai Zou, an Assistant Professor with the Computer Science Department of Purdue University School of Science at IUPUI. I received my Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and worked as a research associate at the university before joining IUPUI. My research is in Applied Cryptography, Communication Networks and Security, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, and Grid Computing. I have published three books and over twenty articles in these areas. I am a recipient of the U.S. NSF Cyber Trust Awards and the leading author of the books "Secure Group Communication over Data Networks" (Springer) and "Trust and Security in Collaborative Computing" (World Scientific). I chose the Nebraska PhD Program because it is a top Ph.D. program.