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Students enrolled in courses (CSCE, SOFT, and RAIK) taught by faculty of the School of Computing, (CSCE, SOFT or RAIK) automatically have accounts on the server. To access this server, the easiest way is to open a terminal window in MacOS, or the Command Prompt or PowerShell in Windows 10 or 11, and use the ssh command:


Substituting your MyRed login for jdoe2 in the command and entering your MyRed password when prompted. If you have never logged into the server, a new home directory will be created for you. The server offers a variety of software development tools, frameworks and services including MySQL server accounts. You can also access using the NoMachine application if a GUI interface to the server is needed.

Some students may need a School of Computing (SoC)  account (refered to as your CSE account)  if they are doing research with faculty or accessing legacy software that is only available on the legacy CSE systems. This CSE account is used to access legacy SoC servers, websites, and network shares. A CSE account is separate from a My.UNL account (e.g. jdoe2) which is used to access UNL services like Canvas, Box, and Microsoft 365, and a TrueYou account (e.g. 12345678) which is used to access NU (system-wide) services like MyRED and Firefly. Usernames for CSE accounts do not contain any numbers, and the password for your CSE account is not synchronized to your My.UNL or TrueYou account password. If you have been told by an instructor or faculty member that you need to access the legacy systems using a   CSE account, you can create one online at by entering your full email address. After submitting your Huskers email address, you’ll receive a confirmation email at that address; click the link in the email to verify your identity and set up your new CSE account. This process will prompt you to choose your own password for your account, complete the consent form to agree to the university’s computer use guidelines, and then provide you with the username (or LoginID) for your CSE account. Make note of the username/LoginID for your CSE account, as it will be different than the My.UNL account username you use to access Canvas and other UNL services.

If you already have a CSE account (e.g. from a previous CSCE/SOFT/RAIK course) but don’t remember your username, go to If you have forgotten your password, go to Both links will prompt you to enter your full email address to have your CSE login sent to you or request your password be reset.

Below is a quick start guide on resources available for students enrolled in SoC courses.

Printing: A printer is available for all SoC students in Avery 15. To print to a printer, then follow the appropriate instructions below:

Printer access is dependent on having the correct settings for your connection to the EDUROAM network on campus.

Storage: While OneDrive can be accessed through a web browser on our lab computers, when developing code on lab computers, we recommend using a thumb drive or mapping a network share.  One is made available to School of Computing students (referred to as your home directory) You will first need to claim your CSE account by visiting the link at the top of this document, then follow the instructions below.

Mapping your home directory to lab computers:

Access your CSE home directory from a personal device:

Accessing OneDrive on lab computers:

Handin: If your course requires you to submit code or use the web grader you might be asked to use handin. The handin application: uses your MyRed login and password to submit assignments.

Remote Linux Access: A lot of classes in the School of Computing will require you to access our remote Linux server using Secure Shell (SSH). The links below show the step-by-step process of using SSH to connect to the servers.

Helpful links and getting additional support:

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