Duplex Printing and Stapling on Canon IR Printers

Instructions to duplex and staple on Canon IR printers
  • Go into system preferences, click on Printers and Scanners and then select the desired printer on the popup dialog
  • Confirm that a Canon IR driver is  installed for the printer (See 1 on image below)
    screenshot 1
  • If the Canon IR driver is installed, click on the Options and supplies (see 2 on image above)
  • Then click on the options tab(see 3 on imag eblow) on the pop up dialog
    screenshot 2
  • Make sure the “Finisher S1” is selected under output options (see 4 on image above)
  • Then when you go to print, you’ll need to select “Finishing” from the advanced options pull down( see 5 on image below)
    screenshot 3
  • Finally select 2-sided printing (see 6 on image above) and check the Staple checkbox below that to staple the job.
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