Requesting a Virtual Machine (VM) for research and/or classwork

The School of Computing can provide students and faculty remote Windows or Ubuntu Linux virtual machines (VMs). These machines can be used by students needing a PC to run Altera or Xilinx to program FPGA boards who do not have a Windows system. If you have a research or instructional use case for a VM send your request for a VM to

Can I save files on my VM or load software?  

Yes. You can save your files on your system itself or access your network drive (Z drive). However, at present, we do not have the capacity to backup virtual machines. It the end user's responsibility to store their files on the Z: drive which is backed up or to store a copy of important files on their local storage by sharing their remote device with the VMs.

Can I access resources on my VM such as an external drive or Altera or Xilinx Board?

 Yes.  You will have access to USB devices.  You can load and save data from an external hard drive or program an Altera or Xilinx Board

How Do connect an Altera or Xilinx Board to my VM ?

 The software to program your board has already been loaded on your virtual machine.

You plug the board into your system running the virtual machine. The USB redirection set on the VM allows you to see your connected physical devices. You select your specific board both on your Horizon client and in the design software which then reads your board and allows you to program it.

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