How do I access a command line session on the SoC Unix server?

For certain classes you will be required to access a command line session on the School of Computing (SoC) Unix server:

Connecting to from a Windows personal laptop

Search for "putty win32" using a search engine (Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing). Download and install the PuTTY application on your computer. Then follow the steps in the next section.

Connecting to from a Lab Windows machine

  1. Launch PuTTY - there should be a desktop icon for PuTTY, or look for it in the start menu.
  2. In the "PuTTY Configuration" dialog that pops up, enter "" in the Host Name field, click on "SSH" as the Connection type, and click the "Open" button.
  3. If this is the first time you're connecting to, there will be a Security Alert popup asking you if you want to accept the server's host key. Click on "Yes."
  4. Login with your SoC login user name and password when prompted. If you do not know your SoC login or password, visit the SoC Account Management Utility page,

If you are prompted for a Verification code: after entering your password, examine the login user name you supplied to the login: prompt. Login user names containing a digit at the end, e.g. fred4, are not valid user names for SoC systems. If you supplied the wrong user name you will need to start a new PuTTY SSH session using the correct login user name.

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