How do I access my CSE home directory from a Windows PC on campus?

If you are working on campus from a computer lab or on your personal laptop, you might wish to map your home directory from the school server directly onto your laptop, so as to not have to transfer files up and down.

The instructions given are for Windows 10:

  1. Launch File Explorer, there are many way to do this: From the start menu, select the Documents item to open the "File Explorer".
    Start menu view of Windows 10
    Or you can select the "File Explorer" from the Windows System menu.
    Windows System all applications menu select of Windows file explorer
    If you have a "My Computer" or "My PC" icon on the desktop, you can double click on the icon to launch File Explorer.
  2. In the File Explorer window, click on the Computer tab on the top of the window to display a ribbon, then click the Map network drive icon if shown:
    Windows file explorer top ribbon map drive icon
    or right-click on "My PC" to show the 'map network drive' option.  windows explorer map drive menu view

    This will open a "Map Network Drive" dialog.
    Start menu start of Windows file explorer
  3. In the dialog, type in "\\\login_id" without the quotes and where login_id would be your School of Computing CSE login ID. For example if your CSE login was csmith, your folder path would be: \\\csmith
    Start menu start of Windows file explorer
  4. Check on the "Connect using different credentials" checkbox, uncheck "re-connect at sign-in" and click on the "Finish" button.
  5. When you are asked to enter your network credentials, you will need to login with your SoC credentials. Your user name must be provided as "CS.UNL.EDU\username". As in the example above, if your CSE username (login) was csmith, the user name value would be: CS.UNL.EDU\csmith
    expected view of the university credentials login page
  6. Provide your CSE password and Click "OK". You should see your home directory from the departmental server mapped as a drive in the File Explorer window.

If you are not offered the option to enter credentials or Windows returns an error indicating it cannot communicate or find the server, ensure you are connect to the eduroam network, and the eduroam network is private network. You can verify that you have the required Windows client service enabled using these instructions on Windows SAMBA settings.

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