How do I change my CSE password?

Your CSE login and password are synchronized across various School of Computing (SoC) hosted Windows and Linux servers and a small subset of SoC web application services. Changing a synchronized password on one SoC system will change your password across all SoC systems.

With the introduction of the server which uses MyRed login credentials, CSE login credentials are unnecessary in most cases. These instructions apply to CSE login credentials only and will have no effect on your MyRed login credentials.

From the Web: Log in to the School of Computing Account Management Utility (AMU) ( with your CSE account credentials and then clicking on the change password link from the navigation links on the left.

From Windows: In order for you to change password, first login with your old password, then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time. You will be presented with a set of options, one of which will be to change your password. Click on "Change Password" then enter your old SoC password and your new password as requested by the system.

From Unix/Linux: To change the passwords on a Unix or Linux command line, open a terminal and login to your account. At the shell prompt enter the command "passwd". Enter your current CSE password and press enter, then enter your new CSE password when prompted.

Please take the time to select a good password. When you change your password, the system will reject any password that does not meet the following complexity requirement: A password much be at least seven characters long; a password must contain at least three of the following four character sets:  lowercase, uppercase, numbers and punctuations; a password cannot contain your login or your first or last names as part of the password.

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