How do I change my Linux systems login shell?

Your School of Computing (SoC) systems login shell defines how the department Linux workstations and servers (CSE and CSCE) will behave when you login. The shell is the user's interface to the Linux operating system allowing program execution along with capabilities to create, edit, and examine files and directories on the server. Shells also incorporate the elements of programmability by providing control flow statement-commands. This statement-command syntactic format varies with different shells, and some programs are sensitive to the shell in which they are launched. The choice of login shell can also affect the behavior of client applications that establish SSH protocol connections to the SoC servers.

Changing your login shell can be done anytime by logging into the SoC Account Management Utility (AMU) and selecting your shell under the Account Settings

Like your password, your choice of login shell is synchronized across all School of Computing Linux workstations and servers.

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