Linux SMB Printing

Notice:   Due to network security changes by UNL ITS, printing from personal Linux systems to shared network printers in Avery and Schorr is not working. The instructions below are now obsolete and will not result in a functioning print service. We are working with ITS to develop a new procedure for printing to the network printers under the latest ITS administrative restrictions.

The example provided depicts the GUI interfaces provided by the Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS distribution. Note: Printing only works when you connected to a University of Nebraska network.

Prior to setting up printing, you need to install some prerequisite programs.  This can be done with the shell-prompt command "sudo apt install python3-smbc smbclient" there will likely be a number of dependencies that also need to be installed when you issue this command.

  1. Open System Settings by clicking on the icons in the upper right corner and select "Settings".
    settings icon location
  2. Select Printers on the left and then click "Additional Printer Settings..."
    additional printer settings location
  3. Click on Add:
    add printer icon
  4. Select "Windows Printer via SAMBA"  Enter csnt/ and the name of the printer that you want to add such as "Avery-ps15" and select "Set authentication details now" if the option is presented. For your login credentials, you should use your CSE login username inserting\ before your CSE username, e.g.\username. Complete the administration of the printer by entering your password and click Forward:
    credentials entry example
  5. Select Generic and click Forward on the next window:
    selecting generic on driver choice menu
  6. Select PostScript in the Drivers column of the next window and select Generic PostScript Printer Foomatic/Postscript [en] (Recommended) column and then click Forward:
    selecting postscript foomatic menu item
  7. Enter a short name for the printer, such as "ps15", and a "Human-readable" name for the printer such as "Avery-ps15" and then click Apply. The short name can be used later for command-line printing and the "Human-readable" name will show up in print applications that use the system's GUI.
    entering a name for a new printer
  8. You can click Cancel on the popup window or click Print Test Page. The test page will be deducted from your print quota if you choose to print it.
    test page menu page
  9. If everything worked as expected you should see the printer.
    system printer menu showing new printer

If you encounter the error: CUPS server error "client-error-not-possible" or a similar error from the CUPS subsystem, you will need to install the smbclient package, and perhaps additionally the samba or smb-common package, using the package manager provided with your Linux distribution.

Linux Mint uses very much the same procedure except instead of being called "System Settings" the system configuration application is called "Control Center". Other Linux distributions are similar.

If you want to take advantage of more advanced printer features, such as duplexing or stapling, you can use a printer-specific driver for the printer models as seen at the bottom of Printing from Mac via SMB 10.8+ section of this FAQ

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