Mr. Lockard graduated as Valedictorian from high school and attended the University of Nebraska–Lincoln as a Regent’s Scholar majoring in math and physics. He was an initial member of the Nebraska Career Scholars Program for independent studies and is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honorary Society. While doing graduate work in the College of Business, Mr. Lockard worked as a graduate assistant in developing statistical programs for various university departments. He developed pattern recognition routines and storage techniques for use in learning programs and developed new linear programming techniques used to create a land use database and model for the entire U.S. He created an information technology company (TMI) which developed one of the first interactive transaction processing systems for the insurance industry and founded Transaction Application Group (TAG), an insurance third party administration firm (both now owned by DELL). Mr. Lockard is currently founder and CEO of Curazene, a biotech research firm.


Ron Lockard was a Regents scholar at our University and majored in Mathematics and Physics. He was also elected to the Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honorary Society. Dr. Ted Jorgenson (a member of the Manhattan Project) was his faculty sponsor. He continued his studies in Business and Computer Science.

His outstanding undergraduate record led to him recognizing the role that Computing would play in the future of science and business in our nation. He was determined to be a part of that future. Upon graduation from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln he took a position in the emerging central computing organization at the university as the Programming Manager.