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2022-2023 Project Portfolio

The Senior Design Capstone provides an opportunity for industry and academic sponsors to engage and utilize the minds of some of the brightest students on campus. In the 2022-2023 academic year, the Senior Design Capstone is grateful to be supported by the following sponsors.

Testing and Defect Management Replacement Tool

CRM Application

A New Approach to Financial Accounting

Web-Based KPI Widgets With Dynamic Datasets

Scoreboard OCR on Indoor Focus

baldorf 2.0

Grant Management Monitoring

Course Scheduler

Member App

Know Your Well

COACH Modernization

Partner Support Portal

Data Processing Support Tools


Reducing Field Worker Pesticides Exposure

Aerial Water Collaborative Sensor Deployment and Recovery

Husker STEM VR 2.0

Husker Scope 2.0

FPGA Machine Learning

Running Robot Game

Nurses Escape: The Heart of the Problem

The IP Is In

Wetland Determination Tool

Mobile App Messaging Module

We work with industry and academic partners to create great software, hardware, and/or IoT applications.

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