Band - SOFT Discipline

The Software Engineering Discipline

Software engineering is the study and application of disciplined engineering practices to the specification, architecture, development, analysis, testing and maintenance of software systems. Software engineers are involved with all aspects of software development to ensure the product not only behaves correctly, but is also safe, reliable, economical and maintainable.

Originally a subfield within computer science, software engineering has evolved into a stand-alone field to address the significant challenges of developing and maintaining large complex software systems. Topics studied by software engineering students include many of the core concepts found in a computer science curriculum, but with a greater emphasis on the software development process.

Software engineers work with technical specialists such as application developers and database analysts, as well as professionals from other disciplines. Together, they engineer the software that automates repetitive but critical tasks performed by medical devices, financial systems, mobile devices, aircraft and much more.

In 2014, the median pay for software developers with a bachelor’s degree was more than $97,000*.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook