Accessing School of Computing systems using NoMachine - Remote X11 GUI access

NoMachine is a fast, multi protocol remote access client which allows RDP and X11 type connections to a variety of servers. We have a NX server installed on two servers; and, which allows GUI X11 Desktop access to either of these systems. Below are steps on setting up a noMachine connection to

You can download and install NoMachine from 

To configure a new connection, after you launch noMachine: 

  1. from the Recent connections pane,  click on ‘New’ 
  2. for Protocol select NX 
  3. In the Host input enter ‘’
  4. for Authentication method select Password
  5. select the Don’t use proxy radio button.
  6. Name your connection and finally click on Done

Once you have configured a connection to establish a connection:

  1. from the Recent connections pane,  double click on the named connection
  2. Enter your MyRed login credentials for the server (username and password)
  3. Double click on the Create a new virtual desktop  icon new virtual machine
  4. Click thru the next four dialogs that provide you an overview on using noMachine

For connection to the legacy server you must use a CSE login and password, which is separate and distinct from your MyRed login and is only used to connect to SoC legacy servers and web applications. You will not need a CSE login unless an instructor or faculty member has told you that you need one to access legacy research or instructional tools and/or data.

Tip: You can save your password, the connection type, and click on Don’t show this message again on the dialogs for one-click connection to

Note: Please log off when you are done working on Simply disconnecting the NoMachine client will consume resources on the server and your session will be forcefully quit at somepoint, possibly resulting in loss of any unsaved data or settings.

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