Connecting to and other unix servers with ssh from Linux

Open a Terminal window.  The instructions that follow are for Ubuntu Linux.  Other distributions are similar.

Click on the grid button in the lower left corner.

ubuntu search icon

Enter "Terminal" in the search dialog that appears.

ubuntu terminal command search window view

In the window that appears when you click on the Terminal icon shown above, enter "ssh -Y".  Substitue your cse user name for "username" in this command.  You can omit the "-Y" flag if you do not want to use ssh X forwarding (and if you don't know what this is, you can safely omit it).  The examples below use a user name of "sac".

ubuntu terminal secure shell connection initial system connection prompt

The first time that you connect to, or any other Linux/Unix server, a dialog like that shown above will appear.  Answer "yes" to this.

Then enter your cse password.

ubuntu terminal window showing successful secure shell connection to remote host

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