Connecting to the Windows Terminal Server from Mac OS

  1. On your Mac, open the "App Store" application and install the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" application.
  2. Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  3. From the main menu bar, select File -> New
  4. Complete the pop-up connection dialog as described below:
    1. Name the connection with a descriptor of your choice.
    2. The "PC name" will be:
    3. A gateway is not required.
    4. Use your School of Computing (SoC) credentials. Please Note how the login is prefixed with "CS.UNL.EDU\".
    5. If "Native" Resolution does not work, select one that is suitable to your device.
    6. Uncheck "Start session in full screen" if you would rather have the windows desktop appear in a window.
    7. Uncheck "Use all monitors" if you have a multi-monitor Mac and would like the windows desktop to be on one screen.
  5. Close the dialog by clicking on the "x" on the upper left on the dialog.
  6. The new connection will now appear on the main "Microsoft Remote Desktop" pane.
  7. Double click on the created connection to establish a remote connection to the terminal server.

A sample new connection dialog is shown below.
screenshot of instructions above

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