Connecting to the Windows Terminal Server (Windows)

  1. The Remote Desktop Client appears in different locations in the start menu in different versions of Windows. If you are able to locate the Remote Desktop Client in your start menu, launch this application. If you are unable to find the client, then either search for "mstsc.exe" in the metro tiles screen or type it into the Run dialog.
  2. Once launched, on the first dialog, enter in the Computer field and click on Connect.
  3. You should see a dialog to enter your credentials. Enter your School of Computing (SoC) credentials here, however your user name must be of the form CS.UNL.EDU\login_id. Where login_id would be your SoC login ID. Then, click on "OK."
  4. You may be presented with a certificate warning. Go ahead and accept the self signed certificate.
  5. This should connect you to the remote terminal server. The remote desktop will likely replace your local desktop, to return to the local desktop, move your mouse to the middle of the top few pixels on the screen. A control bar will slide down, allowing you to iconify our remote desktop.
  6. When you are finished working on the remote desktop server, please log off the remote server and don't simply disconnect the session. Disconnecting the session still leaves it running on the remote server and continues to utilize resources.
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