Frequently Asked Questions - Networking

How do I register my wireless device? (Students, Faculty, and Staff)

The wireless network on campus is managed by Information Technological Services. Visit their wireless page on claiming your My.UNL identify and authenticating with your My.UNL credentials to the eduroam wireless network on campus.

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Visitor Registration for University Wireless Network

The wireless network on campus is managed by Information Technology Services. Visitors to the Univerisity of Nebraska needing WiFi access can register for 14 day, limited WiFi access by visiting the ITS page on NU-Guest setup. Please note that the NU-Guest wifi network is restricted in services that can be accessed and services such as SSH will not be accessible when connected to the NU-Guest WiFi network

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Setting up a VPN connection to campus

Some websites and servers are secured by a firewall that only allows connections from on campus. To access these restricted resources from off campus, you will need a VPN connection. Note:Most students don't have access to systems that aren't available from off campus, so a VPN connection is rarely ever needed by students.

Information Technology Services now operates a VPN service for faculty, staff and students. More information about their service is available at

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