First software engineering cohort to graduate this spring

Apr 29, 2020      By Victoria Grdina

Members of CSE's first software engineering cohort pose after presenting their projects in SOFT 261.
Members of CSE's first software engineering cohort pose after presenting their projects in SOFT 261.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s inaugural cohort of software engineering students will graduate this spring. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering will honor 17 graduates during a virtual commencement ceremony on May 9.

The software engineering major was introduced as the Department of Computer Science and Engineering’s third major in the fall of 2016. The new major offered students a unique educational experience and curriculum that featured hands-on learning techniques, real-world projects, an emphasis on communication and teamwork, and an introduction to software engineering principles in the first semester.

“As far as we know we’re still the only program that teaches software engineering this way, and I really appreciate this group’s willingness to validate that it has actually worked,” said software engineering program director Suzette Person. “This first cohort is special, because they’re really what helped form the major and confirm that we were on the right track.”

CSE’s faculty and staff would like to offer its congratulations and sincere gratitude to the first software engineering class, who played a key role in developing and shaping the program with their feedback, ideas, and enthusiasm. In the coming years, as the program continues to grow and evolve, our department leaders and faculty will continue to build on the strong foundation they helped establish.

Please join us in celebrating our first graduating class of software engineers, which includes the following students:

Micheal Baumfalk
Jasmine Boyer
Andrew Buckwalter
Hallie Hohbein
Mark Hollis
Adrian Reza Kamalul Ariffin (December graduate)
Denis Komissarov
William Koperski
Catherine Krueger
Brooke Lampe
Brett Middle
Miracle Modey
Gregory Nail
Brendan Owens
Ethan Penn
Jacob Petersen
Adam Schlichtmann