Keynote Talk

"IBM Industry Experience" by Sri Shanmugasundaram, Executive Architect, North America Analytics Center, IBM

Morning Short Talks

"Analytics at Hudl: Becoming a Data-Driven Company" by Ben Cook, Data Scientist, Hudl
As Hudl grows, there is an increasing need to use large amounts of data to power insight and decision-making. In this talk, I will present a brief history of Hudl’s journey toward becoming a data-driven company and give two example projects which highlight how we think about data and analytics.

"Predictive Policing: Analyzing Data to Guide Police Interventions" by Tom Casady, Retired Police Chief, Lincoln Police Department

"High-Performance Computing for Genomic Selection" by Dr Stewart Bauck, General Manager, GeneSeek/Neogen Agrigenomics
The rapid advances in molecular biology have ushered in the era of big data.  Increases in data quantity have been exponential and the challenge is developing systems that allow us to turn data in to actionable information.  GeneSeek is a global leader in animal genomics and will provide insight in to tools developed to address these questions.

"Traditional Data Collection in the Big Data Era", by Jenny Marlar, Methodologist, Gallup, Inc

"Data Driven Design and Predictive Analytics at HDR" by Branden Collingsworth, Director of Predictive Analytics, HDR
As a leading architecture and engineering firm, HDR practices data driven design. HDR uses data to help clients plan facilities, model processes and simulate building performance. This presentation will illustrate how HDR uses predictive analytics, one aspect of data driven design, to help clients improve forecasting and planning.

"Data Analytics Research at CSE, the University", by Professor Vinod Variyam, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Afternoon Short Talks

TBA, by Jerry "Indy" Gandy, J9 Director, STRATCOM

"Chemical Data Analytics" by Steve Reichenbach, CSE Professor at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and Founding Director and President, GC Image
The talk will discuss data analytics for multidimensional chromatography and mass specrometry imaging.

"Old Company, New Tricks: Fostering a Data Culture at Kiewit", by Kelly Nelson Pook, Analyst, Predictive Analytics, Strategy and Development Group, Kiewit Corporation
Upon entering the data space, Kiewit was faced with a unique set of challenges: being a successful “old” company in an “old” industry, why change the way we do business? We’ll explore how Kiewit is driving cultural change with the goal of becoming a data-driven company that values its data as a competitive corporate asset.

"Data Collections and the State Education Agency: Challenges, Opportunities, and Responsibilities", by Matt HastingsAdministrator of Data Research, and Evaluation, Nebraska Department of Education

"People Analytics: Helping Organizations Make Data-Driven Decisions Across the Employee Lifecycle " by Dr. Sara Roberts, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, Category One Consulting
Organizations spend a significant amount of time and money recruiting, selecting, developing, engaging, and retaining talent. This presentation will discuss how organizations can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of decisions across the entire employee lifecycle by leveraging research, analytics, and evidence-based practices. Real-world examples will also be provided to help attendees understand how they may incorporate these practices in their own organizations.

"Data Contracts: Leveling the Playing Field for Data Analytics" by Dr. L. Dee Miller, President, Apollo Analytics, and Brian Sabata, Head of Business Affairs, Apollo Analytics

"Mining and Analyzing 65,000 hours of 3D Video", by Dr. Lucas Sabalka, Ocuvera (a Nebraska Global company)
Ocuvera uses a 3D camera in hospital room settings to monitor patients and alert nursing staff if a patient engages in dangerous behaviors that might lead to a fall.  To create our product, we have gathered 65,000 hours of video, which has presented numerous logistical challenges to store, catalog, label, analyze, and use to test and train our algorithms.

NeDA 2016: 1st Nebraska Data Analytics Workshop: Bringing Stakeholders Together