Printing from Mac via SMB

Please note:  Printing generally only works from on campus or when connected to the campus network via a VPN.

Printing from University-Owned (faculty/staff) Macs
For Student or BYOD Instructions, click here.
  1. Install the print driver package using Launchpad to select the Self Service application: self service icon

    screenshot of print driver Packages

    From within Self Service use the left-side menu to select Printer Drivers. Then select Install of the Canon UFR II Printer Driver package: or the HP Legacy Print Drivers depending upon the printer you are connecting to.

  2. Use the instructions below to add the printer using System Settings -> Printers & Scanners.
  3. The added printer should now be shown in the System Settings -> Printers and Scanners configuration page. You may be prompted for your MyUNL credentials the first time you print to the printer.

List of Printers

SoC_Avery12 * SoC_Avery12color * SoC_Avery15 *
SoC_Avery104 SoC_Avery122
SoC_Avery250 SoC_Avery256 SoC_Avery258
SoC_Avery258color SoC_Avery354 SoC_Avery354color
SoC_Schorr101 SoC_Schorr209 SoC_Schorr209color
(The printers marked with an asterisk (*) are the only printers that students have access to. All other printers, without the asterisk, are assigned to faculty members or graduate research/teaching assistants in specific confined spaces.)

Printing from a BYOD (personal) Macs using Apple Menus
Students wishing to print may not have access to Self Service, so the instructions and command-line printer administration instructions provided above may not work due to the lack of print drivers. Students can still add printers using the Apple menus, but they may need to choose the generic postscript printer driver unless they manually install the print drivers from the manufacturer. With the drivers installed, you can select the driver specific to the printer model.

Adding a printer using Apple menus:
Open System Preferences. Either click on the Apple Menu on the main menu bar at the top of the screen and then select System Preferences, or bring up spotlight by holding down ⌘-space and then typing System Preferences
  1. Then click Printers & Scanners (or Printers & Fax). Note: Your System Preferences may look different.
  2. step 3
    Click on the "+" button on the lower left to start the process of adding a new printer
  3. step 4
    In the "Add" dialog, right click the bar at the top, and select the Customize Toolbar option. This opens a toolbar customization menu. Use the toolbar customizing menu to drag the Advanced option onto the menu bar. You may skip this step if you already have the Advanced options symbol on the Add dialog toolbar.
  4. step 5
     The printer Type is "Windows printer via spoolss". In the URL, type in smb:// Replace PRINTER with one of the printer names shown above. For example, if you wanted to print to the printer in Avery 12, you'd use SoC_Avery12. See all the printers in the list above. In the dialog box, for Printer Name, replace its-acadprt-unl with something that better identifies the printer. Finally for the Print Using option, select either generic postscript or the appropriate driver from the list if you have installed drivers from Self Service or the manufacturers support website.
  5. Click add. Your printer should now be added. Print a test page to make sure everything works.
  6. When you print to this printer for the first time, you will be prompted for your login and password. Use your UNL MyRed login. Check the "Remember this password in my keychain" checkbox as shown.

If you change your UNL MyRed password, you will need to launch the keychain utility and delete the stored old password for this printer. The keychain record, will be found in the "Login" keychain, in the "Passwords" category and will be named the same as the printer name, simply select this record and delete this entry. The next time you print you will be prompted for the new password which must be entered as described above.

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