Setting up a basic web page on

  1. Make sure you have read and setup the required directories and permission as described in FAQ section on Prerequisites for hosting a web page on
  2. Change your working directory to the public_html directory
     > cd ~/public_html
  3. Open a command line session to
  4. Use an editor like vi or pico to create the index.html file - refer to the FAQ pages on editors on Pico being the simple unix editor to use.
     > pico index.html 
  5. Use the editor to insert some HTML into the file, a simple html content is shown below.
               <title> This is my first page </title>
              <h1> My first page</h1>
              <p> Hello World </p>
  6. Save the file and return to the command line
  7. Grant everyone(others) read access to the file you just created
     > chmod o+r index.html
  8. Open a browser and point it to: and you should see the file you just created.
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