Courtesy Members of Doctoral Supervisory Committees

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln graduate faculty welcome associations with faculty members from other institutions who might contribute unique expertise to our doctoral programs. These external experts, who must hold a doctoral degree appropriate to the discipline and have academic accomplishments comparable to the criteria for graduate faculty, are eligible for appointment as “courtesy” members of doctoral supervisory committees. Courtesy faculty are appointed as voting members of the supervisory committee and must be willing to participate in the student’s doctoral program in a manner consistent with this role. The courtesy member may serve as one of the two appointed readers; but may not serve as committee chair, co-chair, or outside representative.

1. A courtesy association is not granted as a blanket status and must be approved separately for each supervisory committee upon which the individual is nominated to serve.

2. Only one courtesy member may serve on each supervisory committee, and the committee must include a minimum of four members of the University of Nebraska Graduate Faculty.

3. Appointment of a courtesy member is accomplished by the submission of the “Courtesy Committee Member” form signed by the supervisory committee chair and graduate committee chair. A current CV from the courtesy member should be submitted with this form (the CV may be e-mailed to

The new form is available on the Doctoral Degree Forms and Deadlines page on the Graduate Studies website.