To be issued a permission code to enroll in CSCE 495: Internship for Credit, there are a few steps you must first take:

  1. Talk with your industry supervisor.
  2. Create a “job description” with your supervisor that will include all your responsibilities in the internship.
  3. Complete the Internship for Credit application.
    • Computer science and computer engineering students will list Dr. Bhuvana Gopal as their faculty sponsor. Complete the steps outlined here.
    • 3 credits of CSCE 495 will count as one of your tech elective courses. International students may want to consider 1 credit if they plan on completing multiple internships. If students need additional credit to get to 120 total hours for the computer science degree, they may do up to 6 hours of 495, but only 3 will count for a tech elective.
  4. Completing the application will send an automatic email to your supervisor with next steps.

For International Students

Here are the steps for enrolling in the course and CPT:

  1. Find an internship and ensure that the company is willing to sponsor you
  2. Complete the CPT paperwork for each internship you are completing and send to an academic advisor for a signature. 
    • CPT must be tied to a semester and course. You can take it for 1–3 credits. One credit is recommended for students wanting to completing multiple internships.
    • Section C is used. All 3 boxes of part 1 are checked and box #1 of part 2 is checked.
    • Write a few sentences about your internship and what you will be doing.
    • The final CPT form will be emailed directly from the academic advisor. 
  3. Complete all the steps listed at the top of this email to receive a permission code.

Enroll for Internship Credit