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2023-2024 Project Portfolio

The Senior Design Capstone provides an opportunity for industry and academic sponsors to engage and utilize the minds of some of the brightest students on campus. In the 2023-2024 academic year, the Senior Design Capstone is grateful to be supported by the following sponsors.

Electronic Parts Catalog

Bolted Joint Witness Mark Functionality

Mobile App Modernization

Customer Freight Tracking

Forklift Automated Inventory Tag Moves

ValveLink Pro Mobile Agent


Navigation Application 2.0

Ag Input Origination Software

Group Insurance Observability Platform


Identify, Isolate and Inform

Know Your Well 2.0

AI Financial Budget Calculator

Automated Biotech Data Enhancement Project

AMI Lab – Swine Monitoring System


Husker Scope 3.0

3D map of UNL City Campus

Emotional Regulation Training App

Heart Magic School Bus

Wetland Determination Tool

Asset Health

XRSurvive: Run Hide Fight Edition

We work with industry and academic partners to create great software, hardware, and/or IoT applications.

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