Stephen Reichenbach retires after 31 years of service

May 08, 2020      By Karl Vogel

Stephen Reichenbach, professor of computer science and engineering.
Stephen Reichenbach, professor of computer science and engineering.

Stephen Reichenbachprofessor of computer science and engineering, is retiring from College of Engineering after 31 years, including a term as department chair.

Reichenbach served as chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from 1996-2000 and was a member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Faculty Senate (2004-07).

He has earned many accolades and awards for his work, including the College’s 1994 Outstanding Researcher – Assistant Professor, 2005 AIM Institute Technology Professor of the Year, 2015 University of Nebraska Innovation, Development and Engagement Award (IDEA), 2017 NUtech Ventures Startup Company of the Year Award (GC Image), and 2018 CSE Department Recognition Award.

Reichenbach is also known for his entrepreneurship – having founded Internet Nebraska and GC Image – and for his work in visual information processing and informatics and chemometrics.

He has also had two research stints with NASA – a National Research Council Associateship at Langley Research Center (1998-90) and an ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship at Goddard Space Flight Center (1995) – and was a visiting professor at the University of Manchester’s Interdisciplinary Biocentre (2007).

Additionally, Reichenbach has served as a member of two strategic planning committees for Lincoln Public Schools, was on the board of directors for Zoex Corporation and on the Nebraska Innovation Campus Faculty Advisory Committee, and was associate editor for IEEE’s Transactions on Image Processing journal (1996-98).