The Learning Assistant Program

The Learning
Assistant Program

Engineering student looking up with virtual reality equipment.

The Learning Assistant Program provides support for the following courses: 101, 155A, 155E, 155H, 155N, 156, or 156H.

The Learning Assistant Program


The Learning Assistant Program seeks to improve student experiences by:

  • Providing supplemental learning experiences
  • Improving the Learning Assistant’s experience through timely and consistent training and support
  • Improving the instructor’s interaction with students and Learning Assistants
  • Striving to promote diversity in computing
  • Providing continuity in training, information, and leadership development for the Learning Assistants and other stakeholders

We are not a typical Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program.

Our Journey

The Learning Assistant Program was started in the spring semester of 2018 to help first-year students in computing courses. Since then, the program has grown from supporting one course (CSCE-155E) to supporting seven (CSCE-101, CSCE-155A, CSCE-155E, CSCE-155H, CSCE-155N, CSCE-156, CSCE-156H). With this growth, the program now supports courses for students majors inside and outside of the School of Computing. The addition of these courses echoes the program's vision of improving learning experiences for all students taking computing courses.